Our Unofficial Guide to Moving to Colorado

Thanks to the state’s economy, low tax rates, a healthy lifestyle culture, and Colorado’s beautiful landscape, everyone is trying to move there. The state has been named the seventh most beautiful state in the US by Travel Away, thus its nickname- Colorful Colorado.

Before packing up your house and moving to Colorado, ensure that you’re aware of its negatives and positives. Below are ten things you should know before moving to Colorado:

1. Low property taxes

Colorado has some of the lowest property tax rates in the country. However, due to how expensive houses in the area are, the actual property tax bill can be relatively high. If you own a million-dollar home paying a 1% tax on, it can be quite a hefty amount.

2. It’s a health and fitness state

Colorado locals take their health and fitness very seriously. While some have embraced the sedentary and relaxed lifestyle, the health and fitness culture is dominant. If you take your workout and exercise schedule seriously and like being outdoors, you will fit right in. You will either find your people or adopt the culture.

Colorado locals take their health and fitness very seriously.

3. Most people in Colorado like winter sports

While other states’ residents wait out winter by watching movies and staying home, Colorado likes being outdoors during winter. They go hiking, skiing, and even skating. They tend to maintain their active lives even through the winter months.

4. It is a swing state

When you move to Colorado, be ready to be bombarded with political campaigns, phone calls, ads, and even knocks on your door. If you moved from a solidly right or left-leaning state, this might seem new to you. Colorado is a swing state, and it gets lots of attention every election year.

5. It has a competitive job market

The population of Colorado is made up of many very well-educated young people. This can make the job market very competitive. If you are moving to Colorado, ensure that you have a job somewhere lined up for you- otherwise, have plenty of money in your savings account. To learn more about CO’s economy and job market see this lengthy article on everything to know before moving here.

6. The average income is very high

Generally, Colorado locals have high incomes. While there are, of course, low-income and middle-class families, the median salary of an average Colorado household is 71,900 dollars, which is 10,000 dollars higher than the median US household income.

7. Marijuana is legal

Recreational weed is legal in Colorado. However, there are rules. Not all cities sell recreational marijuana, and there are also restrictions on where you can smoke. If you want to get into the marijuana industry or indulge after relocating to Colorado, be safe and ensure you are on the right side of the law.

Recreational weed is legal in Colorado.

8. Colorado State is on a higher altitude

With mountainous and rugged terrain, Colorado has a higher altitude than most of the US. If you aren’t used to living in high altitude areas, you may experience dizziness, shortness of breath, or headaches. It will take some time before you get used to the altitude. Take it easy. Once you get used to the area, you will love the fresh mountain air!

9. Locals love their craft beer

If you’re a craft beer lover, you will fit right in! As the home of around 10% of the country’s craft beer breweries, there are always brewery tours and beer festivals. You will always find a new craft beer brewery to try out.

If you’re a craft beer lover, you will fit right in!

10. The state has low sales taxes

The whole state of Colorado has a flat sales tax. However, individual cities and counties can sometimes add their taxes to the state’s low rate. Doing some research on sales taxes in different cities before moving to Colorado can help you settle for an affordable city with lower rates. In some cities, the entire city and county tax rate combined with the state tax can add up to 9%.

Relocating to a new state is not an easy ordeal. It can be quite stressful. However, moving to Colorado can be the best thing for you. The shift will offer you a new and exciting opportunity, both professionally and personally. The state provides a robust yet competitive job market in various industries.

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